How to make a high traffic blog

There are many factors you can make a traffic rich blog. So today I am going to tell you some of the steps by which you can increase traffic on your blog. So let us get started. How to blog - advice:- Make a blog that is meant for the topics which are related to How-To niche. Also blogs giving advice and learn from lessons is good for [...]

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How to add avatar or image logo in comments or in profile in wordpress

You may have seen profile image in user profile in wordpress and also this profile picture also appears in comments conversation in wordpress. The thing is how you can add this avatar or image to your profile in wordpress. There is no direct option to add user profile image in wordpress backend. Wordpress has created a website for this purpose. The website name is and I will [...]

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Life cycle of newbie blogger

Everyone which comes new on internet first wish to make a website. So he tries to first learn some basics of developing websites. The easy step for making a website without any technical knowledge is to make blogspot website. So new blogger first make his blogspot website and choose some theme and start writing some articles on it. When he get some traffic on his site then he [...]

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How to get visitors to blog without search engine

Most of the popular blogs get their traffic from search engine and google is the most popular search engine by which most of bloggers get their traffic. But if your blog is new then you may be not getting traffic from search engine like google, yahoo, msn. There may be other reasons also for which you not getting traffic i.e. you not update your blog regularly. Getting [...]

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How to make network of users for your blog

Every blogger has aim to have as many visitors to his site as he wish. It is not the game of just writing your blog posts and publishing. You have to gather your audience by yourself. Don’t just depend upon search engine traffic specially if your blog it quite new. Most of the blogs as I know are getting 90% of their visits from sources other than search [...]

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10 tips in becoming successful writer

Anybody can write an article if he knows English. But writing a quality article is not that easy to say. You have to consider many things while writing a good article and becoming a successful article writer is something important. How to be successful writer So today I give you some tips for becoming a successful article writer:- Your typing speed should be much better so [...]

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How to check plagiarism

If you are writing your content with hard work then you don’t want anybody to copy your content and publish it again. Many websites nowadays are copying other content and using it on their sites. If you are a website owner and you are hiring some content writers to write for your blog then it is important to check whether the writers are writing by themselves or copying [...]

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How can i write my own blog

Every blogger has a success story behind it. When someone start blogging then he get lot of ideas of how to write a blog post and how to monetize. Every blog one day goes to peak level and then due of inconsistency in writing that blog goes down. So being courage in yourself make the blog succeed. How to write a blog I have seen many [...]

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What is best alternative to Google Reader

Google reader is shutting down from july 1, 2013. I have used google reader for many years and I am very worried about the closing of it. As I am web developer and blogger also so I subscribed to many blogs and all my feeds were saved in google reader. About a month ago I have heard about feedly. is very awesome site and I had imported [...]

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