Android operating system is become popular day by day and most of the mobile devices and tablets are now running android. There are many apps already in the Google play which are earning good income. You can also get income from by making free app by placing ads in your apps. Now users are more interested in android supported mobiles because they are of less cost too. Samsung is big partner in android market and it is launching new android mobiles after every few months.

So today I give you steps by which you can become good android developer.

  1. You have to first learn basics of java as android apps are built on java language. Try to make your first hello world app and then move forward.
  2. Learn object oriented programming in java to get better command to make great apps.
  3. Learn android sdk libraries. This is tough part in your learning but if you follow first two steps then you will learn quickly.
  4. Buy some good android books from amazon or from your local book store.
  5. Download android sdk with sdk emulator. You don’t have to buy android smartphone or tablet to test your app. Sdk emulator is used to test your app.
  6. Download eclipse or netbeans. I personally like eclipse.
  7. After you learn the programming and other stuff then try to make your first demo app. This gives you good learning tips.
  8. If you want to launch your app to android market then you have to register yourself as android developer in android market.
  9. Always place your ads in free android app so that you can earn money from.
  10. Don’t ever give up. Work hard and get help from the people already working as android developer.

If you follow the above ten steps then you have no problem in becoming good android developer.

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