html5 features

Html5 is now available after very long time. In 1999 the html4 was released and still it is used widely. Html5 is also supported by new browsers like firefox, opera, safari and chrome. But internet explorer not support html5. Maybe new version of ie will support html5. All the browsers not fully support html5. The full support of html5 by the browsers is under development. Html5 is made [...]

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Opera 11 features

Today i install opera 11. I have noted many features in new opera 11 which is in beta version now. I find the following features in opera 11 beta version:- Now you can create group while dragging one tab over another tab. New features are auto updated. The address field is now safe means it will notify you if you open any suspicious website. Installation is [...]

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Website development tools

I am an experienced website developer and i find two of the most popular website development tools that i will discuss today. I know that you are well familiar with the popularity of firefox for web developers. There are two add-ons of firefox that are most popular. One is web developer tool and second is firebug tool. Lets discuss each of these. Web developer: Web developer is not [...]

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Difference between 3G and 4G

Today i will discuss about the difference between 3G and 4G mobiles. At first glance i will tell you that both these technologies not work well where signals are not so strong. And before wasting your money on your mobile check that you are living in the area where mobile signals are strong enough for transferring of data. I am discussing the main differences between 3G [...]

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Difference between wamp, lamp and xampp

Hello all. Today i will discuss about the difference between wamp, lamp and xampp. All these three are used for serving php websites and acts as the local server so that you can see your working website without uploading it first. Lets first discuss about wamp. wamp stands for windows, apache, mysql, php. The best advantage of using wamp is that it is easy to setup [...]

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Best social networking websites.

Today i will discuss about which social networking websites are mostly liked by the people and easy to use. First i discuss about Facebook is very easy to use and is the most widely used social networking website in the world. The cost of facebook is in billions. There are many applications in facebook also called facebook apps. I think anybody who uses internet has [...]

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Difference between 2G and 3G

Nowadays you have come to know about 2G and 3G many times and you may be confused about what is actually difference between these two technologies. Now lets first discuss 2G. 2G: 2G has following things in it:- 2G use different switching techniques for voice and data 2G has data rate in kbps 2G is slower in speed than 3G 2G is circuit-switched Now lets discuss [...]

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Introduction to MVC(Model, view, Controller)

Hi guys. Today i will discuss about MVC. MVC stands for model, view and controller. Nowadays the website developers are making large web applications and managing files and text is difficult in old mattern. Now to handle requests of big applications we need some systematic way. Mvc(Model View Controller) is evolved from problems faced in daily development of web applications. I am discussing each of these [...]

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Earn money by making videos

You can earn money by making videos in many ways. The platform i suggest for publishing videos is youtube. Youtube is best video sharing website that i have seen. There are many other sites also but they are relatively slow then youtube. Youtube has large volume of videos but the their website runs fast when loaded. Now lets discuss how you can make money from videos. [...]

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5 Reasons to buy samsung S5620

I have bought samsung S5620 two days ago. I have seen some pictures of this mobile on google and i start loving this mobile. At one day i decided to buy this mobile. I requested to my father to buy this mobile for me. I have not enough money to buy it but my father give me half money and i add other half of mine to get [...]

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