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Advantages and Disadvantages of Windows phone

Windows Phone's first version named Windows Phone 7 was released in October 2010. Then in 2012, Windows Phone 8 was released. Windows Phone 7 using Windows CE-based kernel. While Windows Phone 8 used Windows NT. Windows Phone 8 was using Windows 8 PC versions. Windows Phone 7 was built using old OS which was differently coded than Windows Phone 8. Most of the apps of Windows Phone 7 [...]

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What are Pros and Cons of Smartphones

Definition of smartphones The smartphone is a mobile phone which works as a computer with a touchscreen interface. You can use a smartphone for business purposes, for entertainment and communication. You can download and install apps on your smartphone with the help of the internet. The first smartphone was developed by IBM in 1992 named Simon Personal Communicator. This smartphone was available to the general public in 1994. [...]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Phones

Samsung is a tech company that is making phones for quite a long time. The first phone that Samsung made was the SH-100 in 1988. Samsung becomes popular after starting to make smartphones. The first android smartphone that Samsung made was GT-17500 which was released on 29 June 2009. Samsung phones have a unique user interface in their phones and are evolving with time. The software and hardware [...]

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What is hybrid app with example

Definition of hybrid app A hybrid app uses the same codebase for creating iOS and android apps. These apps run in a native container and have access to the device camera and accelerometer. The hybrid app uses components of both web apps and native apps. Hybrid App The hybrid apps are downloaded from the relative app stores i.e. Google play store or Apple app store. These apps run [...]

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Difference between android and iOS

iOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple Company. This operating system runs on iPhones and iPods. iOS was developed by using assembly language, Objective-C, C, C++, and swift. Android is the mobile operating system developed by Google. This operating system runs on smartphones and tablets. Android was developed by using Java, C, C++ and other languages. Now let us discuss the comparison between iOS and android:- [...]

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What are advantages and disadvantages of blackberry operating system

History of Blackberry Blackberry is a Canadian company and was first known as research in motion (RIM). In 2013 Blackberry had 83 million subscribers. In 2016 Blackberry subscribers had reduced to 23 million due to Apple and Android. Blackberry introduced many mobile models including Z10, Q10, Z10, Blackberry Classic and Blackberry Passport. Blackberry also introduced android mobile phones in 2015 which includes Blackberry DTEK50 and Blackberry Priv slider. [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of mobile network

We are living in the age of the mobile world. Mobile is a wireless device. Other wireless devices include tablet, iWatch, laptop, iPods, netbooks and many other categories of devices. We use mobile devices in everyday life. Mobile has become a necessity in our life. We connect with our friends and family members through the mobile network. There are about 450 million mobile users who use the mobile [...]

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What is mobile network with example

A mobile or cellular network is a combination of mobile towers signals and connection of mobile tower switching office (MTSO) with mobile sim data. Cellular Network Diagram MTSO: MTSO stands for mobile tower switching office. It stores all mobile sim data. All calls are directed to other cities and countries through MTSO. Every city has 1 MTSO that is connected to many mobile towers. Mobile Tower or cell: [...]

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What is mobile phone antivirus

Antivirus is a software program that detects, removes and clean malware, ransomware from your mobile device. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts your files and asks you to pay for decrypting your files. Android is a Linux based operating system that means if you install the apps from the google play store then you don’t need any antivirus software. Similarly, if you are iPhone, iPad, iWatch user then [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of iOS operating system

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple company. iOS is a short form of the iPhone operating system. iOS first version was released in 2007. The current stable version of iOS is 13 and iOS 14 beta version is released these days. iOS 14 stable version is near to release. iOS is used for iPhone devices while iWatch and iPad have a different operating system named [...]

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