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I am doing freelance work for last many years. Working on freelancer sites is not as easy as it looks like. You have to be skillful enough to do all kind of projects in your field. Because there are different level of projects on freelancer sites which needs latest knowledge of your field. For example if you are a web developer then you must know jquery and how to use its plugins. And if you are wordpress developer then you must know the codex for new wordpress api.  If you are seo expert then must also able to write articles. Writing articles need good English writing skills with no grammatical mistakes.

freelancer skills
freelancer skills

Working on freelancer sites needs good profiles so that the clients know better about your skills. You have to put your best work in this profile. While biding on projects you have to give link of your website where you have links of your live projects. You can offer a discount rate for your services to your clients so that they come back to you for more work. If you are offering low cost services with good quality work then that client also refer you to other people, you will get more work. But don’t compromise on quality of work.

So the actual skills you needed are latest knowledge of your field and also you need latest software to have quicker response time. Also if you are using high speed internet then it is better for earning more money. If you are graphic designer then you must know about adobe softwares like photoshop, illustrator, indesign, fireworks and others. If you are web developer then you must also know about web designing and server and client side languages like html, css, javascript, php and mysql, jquery etc.

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