In the previous video i had tell you what is php and xampp. In this video i will install xampp on my computer. This video is in urdu. Xampp is a software which provide us apache, mysql and other services. But we will use apache and mysql most of time. So before testing your php website or page you have to first run xampp and start apache and mysql in xampp. So watch the below video.

You can also use wamp to develop your websites locally but i face many problems in wamp so i suggest you to also use xampp. Xampp is cross platform so you can install it on any machine. You can download xampp from apachefriends website and during installation you have to just give path of installation directory. If you want to install xampp in D: drive then the path will be D:\xampp

You dont have to create xampp directory. It will be automatically created for you. After the installation is complete you can go to D:\xampp\htdocs and create a simple php file in it and test it by going into your browser and typing http://localhost/filename.php.

Remember to always run apache and mysql in xampp before browsing your php file on your pc.

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