3D printers are the printers used to make 3-dimensional objects. These printers use plastic material to make objects. The objects they make are aircraft parts, aeroplane parts, and others.

3D printers

3D printers are costly than other types of printers. The size of 3d printers is different depending upon what they are made for. For example for making small things they are of smaller size and for making larger things like houses, they are large.

These printers are costly if you want to make the bulk of things. These printers are most economic if you want to make a specific design in a few days or hours. 3D printers have a disadvantage also which is it can make pistols also which is not good for society. Anybody can buy 3d printers and make pistols and other dangerous materials.

3D printers are also used in the medical field to make different human body parts. Like you can make ears, nose, eye protector etc. 3D printers used in medical field consume medical materials that are only available for people in the medical field and normal people cannot use it.

The application of 3D printers is also in making lightweight parts of aircraft. For example, companies like NASA use 3D printers to make their aircraft parts. New 3D printers make machine parts that are lighter in weight and easy to carry on.

The purpose of 3D printers is to make designs in less time and consume fewer materials. You can make a lightweight motorbike, robots, shoes, toys, and convert other designs into real objects. But some 3D printers cannot process very complex objects.

Modern 3D printers can do fast work and take less time as compared to old 3D printers. These printers are also used to make home decoration parts. They can be used to make home walls that can make home cold in summer and hot in winters.

 You can make designs in computer software like auto-cad, blender, 3d max and then attach the 3D printer to your computer. 3D printer will first count the layers of design and make the object in reality. These printers can also make a 3-dimensional shape of toys or robots which looks very nice and creative.

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