An information system is the travel of data from one location to another. If you have an internet-connected to your computer then you can transfer data from your computer to another computer within seconds.

In old days we don’t have a network facility by which we can move data from one computer to other. With the invention of the internet, data can be transferred to different locations easily.

Let me discuss the components of an information system.

Types of information system

Following are the components of an information system.


People are also known as human resources. People consists of programmer, end-users, customers, analysts, designer etc. People develop software e.g. MS Word is developed by the people. People also operate the computer. All the rules are defined by the people working in an information system. The hardware is also made by the people.


Hardware is a component of an information system that is touchable. An example of hardware is the CPU (central processing unit). In CPU we have a microprocessor, RAM, Graphics card, and motherboard. All the CPU parts are the hardware that we can touch.


Software is a set of instructions that run on the hardware. Software is made by programmers who write code in C++ or any other computer language. Example of software is MS word, Windows 11 etc. There are two types of software. One is system software and the other is application software.

System software is a type of software that starts running when the computer is turned on. The operating system is an example of system software.

Application software is a type of software that adds extra facility to the computer. Application software is run by the computer user while system software automatically starts running when the computer starts.


Data is the collection of facts and figures that are saved on the computer. Example of data is movie file, pictures, texts, audio file etc. You can store a large amount of data in the database. The database contains informational data. We can take decisions by looking at the data stored in a database.

The database is managed by DBMS (database management system). DBMS store, read, delete and update data in it. Examples of DBMS are MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server etc.


Data is moved from one computer to another computer through a network. The network makes the connection between different devices and computers. For example, a network is made to connect printers, modems, computers, mobile, and routers.

If computers are connected in a room then it is a local area network (LAN). If computers are connected worldwide then this type of network is known as a wide area network (WAN)

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