In line topology, all the devices are connected to a central cable. The central cable is also known as a bus or backbone cable.

This topology is also known as a bus topology. This topology is half-duplex i.e. data moves in one direction at a time. Only one device can move data at a time and other devices have to wait until that data is transferred.

It is known as bus topology because all the nodes look like seats in the bus and the path in the middle of the bus looks like a central cable.

What is Line topology
Line topology diagram

Ethernet is used as the connection device that connects nodes to the cable. The central cable is also known as the Ethernet cable and the port of nodes is also known as the Ethernet port.

The nodes are computers, laptops, printers, or any other communication device.

Terminators are attached at the ends of the central cable. There are two types of terminators used in line topology that are:-

  • End terminator: If the chain is not attached to the terminator then it is known as the end terminator. End terminators are used to bounce packets in the central cable towards the ground terminator.
  • Ground terminator: If the chain is attached to the terminator then it is known as the ground terminator. The ground terminator is used to discard the packets travelling in the central cable.

Network cards are also used to connect devices in the network. There is also a T-connector used which connects nodes to the central cable.

Features of a line topology

Some features of line topology are:-

  • Fewer cables are required than a star topology
  • Connecting network devices are easy
  • It is ideal to use line topology if you have to set up a small network
  • This is a simple layout and any network administrator can understand the layout of the network easily.
  • It is easy to expand and troubleshoot the network
  • It is cost-effective and if you have a low budget then this network topology is best for it
  • You don’t need a separate switch for implementing this topology
  • You can connect 15 nodes to the network easily

Examples of line topology:

Some examples of line topology are:-

  • Connecting computers in a lab or office
  • Different network devices like printers, scanners are connected to computers through line topology
  • If you have computers in two floors then you can connect them through bus/line topology
  • If you are setting up internet café then it is best to use line topology

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