Smartphones are very popular nowadays. You have surely heard about iphone and Samsung galaxy both are smartphones. Smartphones are used by more than 1 billion people all over the world. Now all your daily tasks are included in one phone. Here are some of tasks you can perform with smartphone which make it high demanded for the future also:-

Making Presentation and word processing

You can make presentations in your smartphone and can send through email also. Similarly doing word processing is also no problem with smartphones.

Online transaction

Now you can purchase the products using smartphones. If you have any website which is selling products then you can also check the payment history and also can order to send the products to the customers while using your phone and keeping online.

Voice and video chatting

Now every smartphone comes with skype installed in it. You can voice and video chat by using the skype on your phone.

Social Networking

There are many build-in apps and also third party apps that can be installed on your smartphone and you can use social networking sites to communicate with your friends and family members.

Reading Books

You can read books on smartphones and also there are apps which can read you loud the ebook for you.

Watching movies

You can watch movies from iphone app store or can download movies on your phone and watch it later.

Playing Games

Games pass your time very rapidly and you not become bored while playing games. No need to start your computer and play games. Now you can enjoy playing games on your phone. I am not talking about snake game but more big games like fighting games, car racing, wrestling and more.

Viewing maps

If you are new to some place and want to find some place that is near you then you can use google maps or any third part maps app in your smartphone to find the place.

Stock market

There are apps available that you can securely use to do business in stock market and sell and purchase the stocks/shares. You can also see the latest updates in the market where ever you are in the world.

Weather checking

If you want to go any place for outing then you have to check the weather updates of that place which you can check by your smartphone also.


You can catch photos and record movies and also share them online.

Now people who feel problem in using smartphones are also taking interest to use it. So the mobile companies are making smartphones which are easy to use for old persons also. The number of smartphone users is increases day by day. So the app developers have more demand in future also.  There is more improvement coming in future in smartphones because the processing speed of smartphones is increasing on every new set of smartphone.

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