Samsung galaxy is the most popular smart phone series from Samsung. It has most advanced features that can compete with any of the other mobile company in the world. Samsung galaxy has come with different version with the passage of time but we will discuss about difference between s2 and s3 version of Samsung galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Vs S3

I will use s2 and s3 for shorter name to Samsung galaxy s2 and Samsung galaxy s3 respectively in later text.

Screen Size

S2 has 4.3 inch screen as compare to s3 which has 4.8 inch screen. Note that s3 has larger screen than iphone 4s. S2 has 480 X 800 pixels display and has amoled screen. S3 has 720 X 1280 pixels display with super amoled screen.


Both s2 and s3 and 8 MP camera but in s2 when we start recording from camera then black borders are visible on the screen which is part of UI (user interface). In s3 the camera recording is without black borders on the screen.

Available in color

  • S2 is available in black, white and pink color
  • S3 is available in pebble blue and marble white

Height, width and thickness

  • S2 has 125.2 mm height, 66.1 mm width and 8.5 mm thickness
  • S3 has 136.6 mm height, 70.6 mm width and 8.6 mm thickness


  • S2 has weight of 116 g
  • S3 weighs about 133 g


  • S2 is available in 16 GB and 32 GB memory.
  • S3 is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB memory.

Battery time

S2 has bad battery time than s3. S2 has 1700 mAH battery while s3 has 2100 mAH battery.

Widgets and app tab

S3 has separate widgets and app tab which make it handier while browsing widgets and app tab.

4G support

S2 is without 4G support while s3 supports 4G so we have good internet speed in s3 as compared to s2.

Pixel density

Pixel density of s2 is 217 ppi while s3 has 306 ppi which makes it screen more sharp and readable.


  • S2 has bluetooth of 3.0
  • S3 has bluetooth of 4.0


  • S2 has dual core 1.2 Ghz processor
  • S3 has quad core 1.4 Ghz processor

Operating System

S2 has android 2.3.4 operating system which can be upgradable to android ice cream version (ICS). S3 has android 4.0.4 (ICS) operating system.

Browser speed

S2 has slower browser speed than s3.

Common features of s2 and s3

  • Volume button on left side
  • Power button on right side
  • Top 3.5 mm
  • Down is micro usb port
  • 8 mp camera
  • Have physical home button, menu controls and back button

Salient features of s3

  • Uses pen title arrangement for display
  • Improved mic with noise cancellation
  • The sensor at the back side takes good quality photos specially at night time
  • Now with eye tracking technology your screen no more light off while viewing web pages
  • The front camera now can take HD videos
  • Louder speakers than s2
  • With NFC support you can transfer files at the rate of 300 Mbps
  • The processor is Exynos 4212 Quad core which is the fastest smart phone processor till the launch of s3 and it consumes less power
  • S3 is equipped with RGB sensor
  • The back of s3 is slimline and difficult to break
  • The quality of audio is improved
  • You can charge s3 wirelessly
  • 50 Gb dropbox space account is given to all the s3 users for extra space for their smart phone
  • You can now watch your s3 screen on your TV or monitor without using wire connectivity
  • Using social network has become more easy in s3
  • There is improvement in voice commands while driving your car
  • Now you can play video and browse application at the same time
  • You can now record videos and take pictures at the same time
  • Flash player support during browsing websites
  • Smart stay feature that continuously using front camera to see if there is any user in front of camera and turn light off when there is no user

Now it is your choice to choose which technology of smart phone you want to choose. Latest is Samsung galaxy s3 and I have discussed the features of it in detail above. If you want to choose Samsung galaxy s2 and don’t impress with galaxy s3 then it is your own choice.

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