WWAN is also known as a wireless wide area network. In WWAN a wireless connection is made through WWAN device. It is most commonly used in cellular devices. You can use hotspot in mobile to share internet through WI-FI also. But mainly mobile data connectivity is used to get access to the internet.

Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN)

In the local area network, you can get access to the internet through WI-FI. You can use WI-FI in a room or the office. But if you want to go outside on the road or any park then you can connect to the internet through 3G or 4G internet. WI-FI has more internet speed than cellular internet connectivity.

You can connect your device at places where mobile signals are accessible. All you need to connect to the internet is by connecting WWAN card in your PC or laptop and enjoy fast internet. Most computers and laptops come built-in with WWAN card. This type of network is ideal for users who are away from homes and mostly travel.

WWAN gives 128-bit encryption security also. So your data is safely transferred between your devices. Users can also connect to VPN (Virtual Private Networks) by using a cellular connection. The cellular network connection can cover a large geographical area and is in reach of every user who lives in cities or any other place where mobile connectivity is accessible.  WWAN connectivity is more secure than radio signals and old GSM technology.

Mobile companies who use WWAN technology includes:-

  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Verison
  • Sprint
  • And others

For using cellular internet users need to buy a mobile sim and purchase any internet package from the mobile telecom companies. The internet package has a limit to use data e.g. 10GB, 50 GB etc. if the user reaches any mobile data limit of package then he needs to spend more money for using the internet. Some telecom companies give various kinds of economical packages that come handy for all type of users.

Types of technologies used in WWAN are:-

  • GPRS (General packet radio service)
  • GSM (Global System for mobile communication)
  • UMTS (Universal mobile telecommunications system)
  • WiMAX

Data connectivity through satellite is also useful in the areas where no mobile signals are reached. For example during natural disasters like floods, earthquakes people can connect with World via satellite connectivity. Satellite connectivity is also wireless but it has less data transfer speed than cellular and WI-FI connection.

Examples of WWAN

  • 2G
  • 3G
  • 4G LTE
  • 5G
  • WiMAX connectivity

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