Physical topology means how network devices are physically connected. This includes the physical connection of hubs, switches, routers, cables etc. in the network. This type of topology explains how the network devices are plugged into each other.

Physical Topology Diagram

Types of physical topology

Some types of physical topology are:-

Star Topology:

In star topology network components are connected to a central node such as a router, switch or hub. The central hub behaves as a server and other devices connected to the central hub behave as clients.

Linear Bus Topology:

In this topology, nodes are connected to a single cable also known as a bus. If the central cable gets any problem then all the nodes stop receiving data from other nodes.

Tree Topology:

In tree topology, all the nodes are connected in such a way that it forms the tree shape. There is only one connection between every two nodes.

Examples of physical topology

Some examples of physical topology are:-

  • Ring topology
  • Bus topology
  • Star Topology
  • Mesh topology

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