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Difference between python and php

Both python and PHP are programming languages. Python is a general-purpose programming language while PHP is specially made for web development works. Php is used to write back end code of the website and it works with html5, and javascript to display information on the front end of the website. If you want to become a full-stack programmer then you have to learn both front end and backend [...]

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Advantages and disadvantages of python

Python is an interpreted programming language developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum. This is the high language programming language used nowadays by most big companies like Google, Instagram, and others. Pros and cons of Python Some of pros and cons of python are described below: Advantages of python Open source Python is an open-source language that mean it can be freely used and distributed everywhere. You can [...]

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How to get started in programming

Becoming a good programmer is just the art of practice and experiments. When we start our journey in programming, we face with lot of programming languages that exists. One thing is common in the new programmers that they choose the programming language which they have learned in their academic studies. But remember that you have your future life that has relation with what you choose. Choose a [...]

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Why to use server side scripting and client side scripting

Scripting is sometimes called a program that means some code that runs on computer to perform any task.  Now there are two types of scripting, one is called client side scripting and other is called server side scripting. Let me discuss both of these. Client side vs server side scripting Client side scripting Client side scripting is that script which runs on user browser like Firefox or Google [...]

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Difference between get and post in php

When you visit some website then you surely see some forms to fill out like enter username, password, email and message. These forms are build in html. We use <form> tag in html to submit these forms. There are two methods to submit these types of forms. One method is get and other is post method. Let me first give you code about how to use get method [...]

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Why to use jquery instead of javascript

You have already heard about javascript but jquery is little confusing to new coders. The matter of fact is that with the advent of new programming languages it is becoming easier of programmers to code and overcome their needs. Now programmers want that they write less code and have more functionality in the code. With less code in mind, jquery was thought to be created. But first I [...]

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Why to use html5 in development of website

The development of html5 starts few years ago and it is still in the process of development now. All the browsers have different support for html5. Older versions of internet explorer do not support html5. There are different elements defined in html5 for each task e.g. <header>, <section>, <nav>, <footer> and more. You can also use div’s for all the coding as we do in html4 but using [...]

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Html5 is leading in mobile world as compared to flash

Adobe Company has got so many boosts in previous few years but now with the launch of html5 flash is feeling many problems in popularity. If you see in the mobile world adobe has launched his flash player for mobile devices also but adobe announced recently that he will no more launching flash player for mobile devices. The reason behind this is that the company cannot afford the [...]

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Difference between jquery and prototype

Jquery and prototype are both used for good manipulation of javascript. We can handle difficult tasks of javascript through these. For example working on ajax has become very easy. The json data is also easily handled through them. The jquery uses $ sign while prototype uses $$ sign. We can use noconflict method of jquery and use jquery word instead of $. By default if both [...]

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Difference between codeigniter, cakephp and yii

Before telling you the difference between these frameworks, first I want to tell you what is framework. A framework is a structure that eases the development process. CMS (Content Management System) is little bit different from framework in the sense that it is a development structure that you can use. But to use framework you have to start making the project for your needs from the beginning. There [...]

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