The era of big screen tablets begins

As we have seen that many smartphones are coming with big sizes and people are loving to buy these smartphones. The analogy is between big computer screens and the smartphones. People are loving to have big screens to play games and use apps. So you have to more conscious in choosing your next tablet. Companies like Samsung and Toshiba are working in the way to make the next [...]

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Advantages of buying a new tablet

This is the new era of technology. Everyone is now in touch with latest news by many gadgets in the market. Two decades back we have only choice of pc to access to the internet. Now the days are changed. There are thousands of devices available which gives us access to internet. The most common and mostly used device is tablet. Ipad by Apple was the first successful [...]

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Difference between Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

Google is going excellent in the race of tablets. Google has good name all over the internet and people believe on it so Samsung and Asus collaborated with Google and launched their tablets in the market. These tablets become so popular like nexus 7 so today I want to discuss difference between nexus 10 and nexus 7. Important points Both tablets are launched by Google. These tablets have [...]

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Eye Difference Between iOS And Android

People all over the world are now moving to use the gargets which they can take in their pockets or bags easily and use anywhere. When first time the iphone and tablet was released in the market then people want to know about iOS and android. These words were little bit annoying to the people new to this field. They are both operating system like windows operating system [...]

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Difference Between Amazon Kindle Fire And Google Nexus 7

There is a huge competition in tablet market nowadays. There are dozens of companies making tablets among which some are popular giants and someone are new in market. Each company has its own expenses in making their hardware to be used in making tablet. Some company cost high due to hardware they are using is expensive. People in world tend to focus on tablets which have low cost, [...]

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