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How you can make a good career in freelancing

People mostly do regular jobs to spend a good life. But sometimes it become difficult for a person to adjust timing for the work. Suppose you are husband and you want to manage time for your children and other activities in the home. If you are making a new home then I don’t think a person during a job can give huge time to get involved in setting [...]

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Ways to manage time for freelancers

The more you manage your time effectively the more money you can earn as freelancer. At the start when I begin freelancing then I don’t manage my time and work without time management. The result was that I finish the work at not exact day that I have given to my clients. Time management for freelancers So today I will give you tips of how to [...]

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Best tips to work on freelancer sites and win your bids

Today I am going to tell you some tips to have good experience with freelancer sites and get your work done in good way. If you are tired of doing the regular office job or you are facing difficulty in finding the jobs then becoming a freelancer is good choice for you. When I started my work on freelancer sites then I have difficulty in finding the right [...]

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Why outsourcing is losing regular jobs

Due to recession of 2009 many companies got huge loss in their revenues. This impact whole the world either it is IT related company or any other working company. The high wage and expenses for the normal man in U.S has made the bigger to smaller companies in U.S to think about how they decrease their expenses. So these companies decided to give some of their work to [...]

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Which skills have more demand on freelance sites

People working in office some time get bored in their regular routine work. They want to work on their own timing with no one administrating them. So becoming freelancer is the only choice one can benefit. Freelancer can enjoy his own life. He is boss of his own. But all the people working in IT field not become good freelancers. You will need to be proficient in some [...]

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From which freelancer site i can get quick and easy work?

Most of you are wondering about that from where you can get quick reply about your bids and from where you can get work easily. I have worked on all popular freelancer sites and now get good experience on which site to work on and on which to not work on. With my experience I have noted that if you don’t have very good expertise then don’t go [...]

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Tips to get project on odesk for non-experience person

Most of the developers lack confidence that they don’t have enough skills to bid on the project on odesk. The thing I want to tell you that no one is master in that world, some person is good at one thing and not good at some tasks. If you are new developer then don’t be so afraid that you will not get work from freelancer sites. The first [...]

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Skills needed to become freelancer

I am doing freelance work for last many years. Working on freelancer sites is not as easy as it looks like. You have to be skillful enough to do all kind of projects in your field. Because there are different level of projects on freelancer sites which needs latest knowledge of your field. For example if you are a web developer then you must know jquery and how [...]

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Making environments for working at home in computer field

There are more options for computer professionals to work at home. You can first make your clients and then you can manage and do their work. The advantage of doing work at your own place is that it costs you less money to set up. You don’t have to take space for an office. If you need any other person to work with you then you can ask [...]

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How to win bids on freelancer sites

When you start your career you mostly do regular jobs or internship. After doing some months of jobs you probably think that you want to do work for your own and get projects from net. So you try to get projects from freelancer sites. There are many freelancer sites like,, and others. In some freelancer sites you have to complete test to bid on projects [...]

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