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Similarities and Differences between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Samsung galaxy Note 2 and Samsung galaxy S3 are the modern smart phones that come up with a decent outlook and great size. When you tend to use these smartphones then your first attention will be their size. You cannot use these phones easily with one hand because of big size they have. Both these smartphones comes with android installed in them but with different versions. Samsung [...]

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Samsung galaxy grand specification and important features

Samsung galaxy grand has come up with nice design. The design resemble Samsung galaxy note. In the below picture you can see the different features of Samsung galaxy grand:- Samsung galaxy grand full specification Galaxy grand is an economic phone which is more suited for Asian countries. Here are the specification and features of Samsung galaxy grand:- It has 5 inch display. The screen resolution is [...]

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Difference between Nexus 4 and Samsung galaxy S3

Nexus 4 is made by Google with correlation with LG. We already heard about Nexus 7 which is made by Google and has become very popular. Similarly Nexus 4 has also very nice features which can compete with any latest smartphone in the market. Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 Here are the differences between Nexus 4 and Samsung galaxy S3. Nexus 4 0.36 inch in thickness.5.27 inch [...]

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Difference Between HTC One S And HTC One X

HTC has good name in mobile world nowadays due to its awesome smartphones. In early 2012 HTC launched two handsome smartphones which I am going to discuss today. Both the phones have remarkable features and it is difficult to choose which is better than other. But I try my best to explain the differences between these two phones. So let me first discuss HTC One S features. HTC [...]

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Difference between samsung galaxy s2 and s3

Samsung galaxy is the most popular smart phone series from Samsung. It has most advanced features that can compete with any of the other mobile company in the world. Samsung galaxy has come with different version with the passage of time but we will discuss about difference between s2 and s3 version of Samsung galaxy. I will use s2 and s3 for shorter name to Samsung galaxy s2 [...]

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Future market of smartphones

Smartphones are very popular nowadays. You have surely heard about iphone and Samsung galaxy both are smartphones. Smartphones are used by more than 1 billion people all over the world. Now all your daily tasks are included in one phone. Here are some of tasks you can perform with smartphone which make it high demanded for the future also:- Making Presentation and word processing You can make presentations [...]

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Why blackberry is going in loss

As you already know that blackberry has announced a loss of 125 million in 2012. There are many factors behind this loss. The most important factor is that users of mobiles are now more interested to use large screen touch phones. Blackberry is coming with same design in mind from its start when they release their first handset. They are not interested to make evolvement in their sets [...]

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Which company mobile camera is good

I have used many mobile phones and I have good experience with mobile cameras. Before coming to the main part of this topic let me tell you one thing. When first mobile generation comes into existence then manual cameras were used and the sale of normal cameras was high. Now when the new models of mobiles come, more competition between the mobile companies is introduced. All the mobile [...]

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What is difference between blackberry os6 and os7

Blackberry has its own style and value in mobile world. Blackberry has decided to come up with new operating system which has better features and performance than those older versions of operating system. There are other mobile os also like ios and android so blackberry has to give extra ordinary features to better compete with ios and android. So today I decided to give you list [...]

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Android developers are not getting full payment for their work

As you know android os is catching the market nowadays and is much better than ios of iphone. The speed of android is much faster than ios. With the popularity of android more and more developers come to make android software and games. Suppose you do make software and sell in market and if you not get full payment then what will happen to you. You will surely [...]

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